Volunteer for Us

Volunteers are vital to the services we provide. We are very lucky to have a fantastic team of volunteers, who give their own time freely and with their dedicated involvement, enthusiasm and commitment make a real difference to our members and their carers.

Volunteering for Cameo is rewarding, you'll become part of the friendly team that is Cameo. You'll get to know people who really need and appreciate your help.

They have many ways in which they help:

  1. Promote CAMEO
  2. Help at the club
  3. Fund raise
  4. Work on the Management committee

Please go to our contact page to register your interest.

Become an Employee

There is a special type of person who works for Cameo, they understand the needs of carers and our members. They have qualities of compassion and empathy.

If you believe you have the vocational qualities we are looking for, you are likely to be the sort of person we will want on the team.

In return for working a typical 8-hours over 2-days each week, you will receive a competitive salary and generous holiday allowance, the opportunity for training and personally rewarding career.

Please go to our contact page to register your interest.